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Covid-19 and Education

“Since the government announced a nationwide lockdown and School closures on the 23rd March, it seemed as though the world of Education was placed under a temporary pause button.

It’s been 7 weeks since that point and current interest from Schools shows that things are still looking promising for our Education Sector to recover in September. We are current getting prepared for the transition to return and once again getting skilled staff at the forefront of children’s education when they do re-open.

Whilst we can’t confirm when this will be (at the time of writing this) we are already aware that Schools are going to struggle to recruit for urgent roles, that they will continue to use the services of Wolf Education and have already started to make requests for September.

One goal that we have been particular keen to ensure we continue to meet, regardless of the pandemic is our open communication and transparency with our candidates at all times. We cannot express how much value we place on those dedicated and hardworking staff members that work through us, whether on a daily or long term basis, and all our staff have worked hard to ensure that using the government furlough scheme and our payroll company, that candidates have been kept updated as much as we possibly can and can continue to receive an income they are deserving of.

If you are looking for an agency that values you and the work that you do with Educating the future of today, we can assure you that Wolf Education value our staff and the work that they do. We pay weekly, on time and competitively and offer different payroll options that suit their needs. One area that we particular pride ourselves on is our ability to listen to our candidates wants and needs and ensure that we match them to a role they want, rather than just an assignment.

Whether you are looking for Daily work or a long term / permanent role, we have a skilled team that are on hand to help – so why not ensure that when the Schools return, you can work for an employer that really cares about you and get in touch with our team today!”